2019 participants will assist churches in St. Lucia and Anchorage, Alaska





Meet Team Alaska!


Team Alaska will help run a soccer camp for Alaskan children. The camp will include coaching, music, crafts, Bible teaching and more.


Left to right: Lucho M., Chris L., Molly M., Patricia V., Regina A., Andres A.; Chaperone: Pastor Caleb Davisson



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Meet Team St. Lucia!


Team St. Lucia will work with St. Lucian teens to run a vacation Bible school for the local youth. Activities will include teaching Bible stories, music, sports, crafts, and more.


Left to right: Mariana D., Andrea A., Alex M., Mariana C., Aaron H., Autumn S., Jaxson L., Olivia L., Isabella D.; Chaperone: Dr. Erik Landwehr, Silvana Crespo



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