Fine Arts Program

Divine Savior Academy has a growing, thriving fine arts program. Designed to create a well-rounded education for all its students, DSA’s fine arts program also seeks to develop the God-given abilities of each individual student. Whether it is a choir or a drama production, a fine arts experience or private piano lesson, Divine Savior provides opportunities in all areas of the arts.


Music is a focus and strong tradition within our school system and among our faculty. From enrichment classes during the school day to private lessons after school hours, our teachers are passionate about growing our students' knowledge and skills in music theory and performance. Music is also a way for us to praise God with our voices during our weekly chapel services, as well as classroom choirs for special church services and holidays throughout the school year.



Visual Art

Visual art is a part of every student’s schedule in early childhood and elementary school. In middle and high school, our ever-expanding program includes a variety of elective courses. Classical instruction includes pottery and painting, and modern art instruction includes creative photography, video production, and graphic design. Student work is exhibited throughout our school, as well as in art fairs and student publications.



Drama and Fine Arts Clubs

Other fine arts experiences include drama productions at all levels, from early childhood skit nights to full drama productions in high school. Additionally, new clubs and enrichment classes are constantly being added to our offerings. Recent examples of new extracurricular fine arts experiences include ballet, jazz, filmmaking club, and poetry club.



The best way to learn more about our academy is to come visit us. We look forward to meeting you and your family!