Middle School Program



"Education gives our children a foundation for life. They are our future explorers and creators, innovators and leaders, neighbors and parents."

A Foundation for Life

Divine Savior Academy's middle school students are engaged in a dynamic curriculum that appeals to all types of learners. As an extension of our elementary program, the middle school curriculum continues to support our students by providing excellence in education in all areas of development: physical, spiritual, social, emotional, and academic development.


Active Learning

In middle school, students learn in a departmentalized setting and rotate from class to class in order to learn from specialized teachers in their course schedule. A variety of teaching approaches including active learning, the use of technology, and STEM-focused (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) lessons prepare our students for college, careers, and life in an ever-changing world.


Individual Attention

At Divine Savior, we value each student as a unique individual and seek to meet every student's needs. Our teachers work to develop lessons, establish relationships, and create an environment where our students enjoy learning and are able to succeed. Small class sizes, low teacher-student ratios, and a family environment support our goal of providing individual attention to all our students.



Our Curriculum


Core Classes
Our students are challenged to think critically and analyze problems across the curriculum in English/Language Arts. Math, Science, Social Studies, and Theology. A focus on the writing process supports students in their studies across all these courses. In addition, our students receive art and physical education instruction as part of their core curriculum.

Elective Courses
Our students choose from a variety of elective options throughout the year like chess, yearbook/journalism, leadership, and introduction to guitar. Contact our school office for a full listing of elective courses.



Learn more about our curriculum by scheduling a private tour. We'll answer your questions about our core classes, enrichment courses, and how we can best meet the needs of your student.





The Middle School Experience

The middle school years are important in the development of a child. For this reason, we make it a priority to focus on building self-esteem and developing opportunities for teamwork and collaboration inside and outside the classroom. The goal is for all our students to become leaders and active citizens in their communities. To this end, leadership qualities are taught in our classrooms, and active citizenship is encouraged and practiced throughout the year.

We are a community of families, students, educators, and friends who are dedicated to working together to help our children thrive. That's why we call ourselves "The Divine Savior Family".






Educational Goals at Divine Savior Academy


Be a lifelong learner
Problem solve and think critically
Develop creativity and resourcefulness
Work hard and persevere
Grow in responsibility and independence
Collaborate productively in a team setting
Respect others and be conscious of their needs
Be a servant for Christ





The mission of the Divine Savior athletic program is to strengthen the talents and abilities of our student-athletes, as well as develop qualities such as teamwork, dedication, sportsmanship, and humility. This is accomplished through competitive athletic teams, skills programs, and physical education classes.



Fine Arts

Designed to create a well-rounded education, DSA's fine arts program also seeks to develop the God-given abilities of each individual student. Music classes, instrumental lessons, choir, drama productions, visual art, and after-school activities are some of the ways that students can participate in the fine arts at DSA.




Technology plays an important role in the lives our middle school students. Our one-to-one iPad program utilizes the latest educational technology for 21st-century learning. Security and monitoring systems on our networks and devices support our students with not only a safe learning environment, but a productive one, too.




Looking for more information?

The most up-to-date information about extracurriculars, activities, and family events is available in our office. We love to help answer your questions and welcome your suggestions for new programs and events. Contact our school office at 561-359-3090.




We believe that every child should know the love of Christ. Sharing His love with children is the reason we exist.