What is a Founding Family?

A Founding Family is a family that enrolls their students during the first three years of operation at our Delray Beach Campus (est. September 2018). This designation is a recognition of the trust that our first families have placed in us and in our new school campus.




Build a Community
with Us.

Build an educational community with fellow, like-minded parents who are excited to create something special together: the Divine Savior Family.

We want to replicate what we have on our original campus in Doral: a thriving academy with top-notch academic programs, state championship-winning athletics, dynamic extracurriculars, and an alumni base that’s been accepted to colleges like Yale, Cornell, MIT, UPENN, Brown, the University of Chicago, and more!

Check out a day in the life of our Doral campus here.



Save on Your Educational

Re-enrollment Savings: The re-enrollment fee will be locked in the year the student(s) enrolled at DSA. This benefit will be in effect for as long as the student attends DSA.

Referral Benefit: This benefit will be given to the founding family once they bring a prospective student for a tour and he/she enrolls. The benefit will be $300.00 per student and will be applied as a credit to the Founding Family’s tuition the month after the new student begins classes at DSA.



Have Your Voice
Be Heard.

We are committed to providing excellence in education for your child. Our administrators and leaders want to hear about your experience at Divine Savior.

As a Founding Family, you’ll be an influential voice in the formation of our school. Help shape our education, extracurriculars, and the future of our academy by attending our Founding Families Focus Groups throughout the year.

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"We are a community of families, students, educators, and friends who are dedicated to working together to help our children thrive. That's why we call ourselves "The Divine Savior Family."


Come Visit Us!

Choosing a school for your child is one of the biggest decisions you will make as a parent. We'd love to help. Schedule a private tour today to learn more about our academics, extracurriculars, and, most importantly, the special opportunity to build a new school with us in Delray Beach.


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