Middle School College Planning

6th and 7th Grade

College counseling at Divine Savior Academy begins in 6th grade. Middle school students are introduced to college considerations appropriate for their age. We believe it is important for students at this young age to understand how middle school years impact successful college planning. For this reason, we help 6th and 7th students to assess their skills and weaknesses, to identify their interests, and to understand how good habits formed now become lifelong habits of success.

Academically, students are reminded that performance during the middle school years prepares and qualifies them for success in honors and AP-level courses.

Parents, encourage your middle school student regularly. Look for gentle ways to connect today to tomorrow. In that way, you will help build the notion of a college degree into an eventuality instead of a distant dream.

Throughout the year, check the DSA Academy Dispatch regularly for information.

8th Grade

DSA students in 8th grade strive to build on this foundation. Learning style, time management, and other self-assessments help students connect habits to goals. Primarily, the focus of college planning during 8th grade is to identify and then match personality characteristics to work environments and occupations.

Parents, encourage your student often toward his or her best during this final year before beginning high school.

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